Welcome to Duhmericana! We are Benzy & Wilx.


Two friends organically decided to start a podcast of the conversations they have while enjoying a glass of wine or two. This podcast will be where we discuss everything that makes you go duh! And everything in between from unpopular opinions to new ways to perceive things ‘duh moments’.

Your hosts are:

Benzy - an extroverted introvert loves to discuss all things from literature to the latest gossip.

Wilx - is the reality and junk tv nerd, sports fanatic, and self proclaimed current events expert.

Mascots are our furry friends Jax and Precious.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @duhmericana

send us feedback or reach out with some suggestions on possible topics or just drop us a line saying hi to our email duhmericanapodcast@gmail.com.