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Episode 5: Hashtag TBT Lawsuit

Episode 5: Hashtag TBT Lawsuit

Daaaaamn Duhmericana!

Back at it again with the podcast episodes!

(Is that still a thing? I know how quickly these meme shelf lives can run out.)

Anyway, thanks so much for tuning in today! On our most recent episode, we talk about a law that passed in France, where children can sue their parents for photos of them posted without their consent. The idea is that the parent put their child in potential danger, what with geo tags and the like being so readily available.

Now, neither of us work in law, but does this law translate into something America could one day put into practice? Is it even still relevant, being that this generation of children and teenagers are used to living their lives out in front of a camera?

Find out more (and the can of worms that opens up when you try to split hairs regarding this new law) on episode six!

Our Duh Moments:

  1. Know your followers! Post what you would want someone to post about you. Know that there are dangerous people out there who would jump on any innocent situation and turn it into something evil.
  2. Your child will one day be an adult with their own lives to lead. and of course, avoi Geo Tags until you leave that place! especially if you are the only one watching your child or are followed by many people you might not know personally.

Featured on this episode 

What we're drinking San Sebastian Rosa

what we talked about: Viniq

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