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Episode 6: Chick Flicks

Episode 6: Chick Flicks

Hey duhmericana listeners! Thanks as always for visiting our blog. We've got an interesting topic for this episode, firstly have you ever heard about The Bechtel Test? First created by cartoonist Alison Bechtel, it grades mainstream movies based on three items: 

  1. Does the movie have two female leads

  2. Who are named

  3. And speak to one another about something other than a man? 

For our episode titled "Chick Flick," we analyze if any of our favorite movies pass the Bechdel test, and quickly realize that many of the ones that we love don't pass the test. Even worse, some of the ones that we love DO pass the test to some degree, but usually depict women as catty, competitive, relationship-obsessed or stupid. 

How do your movies measure up to the test? 

Our "Duh" Moments: 

Benzy says that if we have a talent or are creative in any regard, we have a duty to create and incorporate women into these pieces. 

Wilx says that once we do create these roles or spaces for women, we have a responsibility to depict them appropriately! 

What do you think about the Bechtel test? Could this create more roles for women? Is it even effective? Sound off below!

What we're drinking: Henry's Hard Soda

Where we shopped Total Wine

Where we dined World of Beer

What was mentioned: Trader Joes,  Peche Lambic


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