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Episode 9: Quarter Life Crisis

Episode 9: Quarter Life Crisis

BHello Duhmericana listeners!

Benzy and Wilx here! If you haven't noticed, we'll be posting our newest episodes on Tuesdays now. Consistent quality content for our awesome audience! 

This week's topic might hit close to home for many of you. You are either stepping into it, figuring it out, or have already gone through it at some point: the dreaded Quarter Life Crisis. 

This affects many twenty-somethings right around the age of 25, when college is over, careers are under way, and the pressure to actually fall into those categories ("did you finish college already?" "What do you do for work?") starts really coming down on you. 

Oftentimes its external pressure from parents, friends, and society in general that sets up seemingly hard-and-fast rules, which do little to inspire us and instead, make us feel badly about our current circumstances.

Listen to this week's episode to hear how Benzy and Wilx dealt with it, what we think of "30 is the new 20," and our Duh! Moments.

Did you have a quarter life crisis? Are you in one? Sound off in our comments! 

Wilx recommends

  • If you ever find yourself visiting New Smyrna be sure to check out a few of my favorite places. 
  • Flagler Tavern: is there anything better than starting happy hour at 11am?
  • Fun rental: get a fun car or a moped and hop on the beach to drive the coast
  • Third wave cafe: the ham and egg pizza...delicious
  • Breakers: great place to hangout when you want to escape the sun, it's on the beach
  • Traders: cap off your night at this cool local hangout
  • Famous Philly's Cheesesteaks (get it with whiz!) 

In this week's Rumor Rundown, Benzy lets us know about acclaimed rapper Kendrick Lamar's lawsuit against him. We think his songs are quite similar to the 1970's song by Bill Withers, "Don't You Want To Stay?" 

What do you think? Follow this link to hear samples of both songs. 


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