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Episode 29: Jen and Sam Make a Movie - Interview With Women Filmmakers

Duhmericana listeners, do we have a treat for you!

As you know, March is Women’s Month, and in honor of some amazing women we have the pleasure of knowing, we’ve been collaborating with some women in media and entertainment who are doing amazing things.
This week we had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Jen Finelli and Samantha Mauney Aiken,  the writer and the director/producer of a new indie film “I’m Having An Affair With My Wife!” Almost a year ago to the day, we recorded episode 6 “Chick Flicks,” where we discuss female representation and portrayal in media and specifically movies. We also explored the “Bechdel Test,” which scores a movie based on having two named women who speak to each other about something other than a man. This caught Jen and Sam’s eyes, and as an anniversary episode, we discuss these and other topics. How much impact does marketing have on creating an indie film? Were the choices of a Korean American husband and a CEO-type black woman intentional? Have you had to make any apologies or explanations for creative choices made along the way?
Sam and Jen have amazing insight on filmmaking in general, and specifically on female filmmakers and the peaks and valleys they’ve had to cross along the way.
Tune in to the episode to hear all that they have to say, and to celebrate amazing women doing really rad things!
You can check out information on the film and donation opportunities here:  http://mysweetaffair.com/, and on Instagram at @affair-movie
They are actually giving away two chapters of a romance novel by Ray Anyasi, which you can find here: 

And a list of 50+ resources for filmmakers here: 

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