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Episode 28: Inner Goddess (feat. La Charla Podcast)

Hey there and welcome back Duhmericana Listeners!Welcome to March! Can you believe we’re already in the third month of the year?

March is a special month because we celebrate all of the women who have paved the way for us. March is officially Women’s History Month!

We’re kicking off the month by pairing up with some awesome ladies from the podcast sphere. This week, tune in as we chat all things Woman with another Latina podcast, La Charla Podcast. 

Any teachers out there? Lili and Isela from La Charla are both schoolteachers and have wonderful insight on the differences between male and female teachers, and students.  What disparity do we face as women in the workplace, or at home, in typically male or female-dominated roles? Are we able to teach younger generations from childhood that girls can be engineers, and guys can be bakers? Have we seen a change in the portrayal of historically gender-dominated roles?

We have a lot to say, and all month to say it! Make sure you are subscribed on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play so that you don’t miss one episode of this month celebrating all things Her! you can stay tuned because this is a two part collaboration and we are also featured on La Charla podcast! 

Link up with the La Charla Podcast by searching for them anywhere you listen to podcasts, on Instagram at @lacharlapc, on Facebook; La Charla,  and email them at lacharlapc@gmail.com 

See you next week!

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