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Episode 35: Top Five

This week on Duhmericana, Wilx is joined by her husband Leo (editor of the show) to give their list of the top 5 Podcast shows to listen to. They also share some insight as to how their interests in podcasts started, and the origin of this show.

Wilx’s Top 5:

  1. Serial
  2. This American Life
  3. The Bill Simmons Podcast
  4. Sword and Scale
  5. Watch what Crappens

Leo’s Top 5:

  1. ATP - Accidental Tech Podcast
  2. The Talk Show with John Gruber
  3. 99 Percent Invisible
  4. The Bill Simmons Podcast
  5. The Brilliant Idiots

Leo’s Noteworthy shows:

  1. Revisionist History - by Malcom Gladwell
  2. The Observatory - (Design Observer)
  3. Design Matters

Show Notes:

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