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Episode 34: Streaming Killed the Cable Star

Netflix and chill. Binge watching. Spoiler alert. All phrases that 15 years ago, meant little to nothing to us as consumers of entertainment.
Nowadays, however, who DOESN’T have Netflix? A better question might be “who doesn’t have cable anymore?” The dawn of movie and tv show streaming has all but killed cable… Or so it feels, anyway.
On this episode we discuss our Netflix obsession as a generation, and whether cable has a shot of making it past this coming decade without going the way of the horse and buggy. Could generational gaps and differences save cable, since very young and much older consumers typically prefer the ease of use offered by cable companies? Could live events like the Grammys, the Super Bowl, etc. cause people to remain faithful to their live television? Is cable’s monopoly on internet access in general likely to keep them afloat?
Tune in and don’t forget to drop us a line about your own opinion on this topic.
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