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Episode 36: Redefining Us- A Simulcast With Millennial Mondays

We at Duhmericana have really grown fond of the podcast community we’re a part of, and a lot of this community-building comes from meeting some really cool podcasters and entrepreneurs who are paving their own paths in media and entertainment.

One such group we had the pleasure of connecting with are Kayla and Jiselle, the girls over at Millennial Mondays podcast. A fledging endeavor that’s already made great headway, Millennial Mondays chats with us about what got them podcasting, their personal bond and how it’s evolved through the years, and what it means to be a millennial in 2017. We found that there can oftentimes be an unfairly negative connotation to that word, often associated with laziness! But millennials simply have forged a new path in their career, personal lives, and the ways they view and interact with the world.

Tune in and get to know them, and us, a little deeper! When today’s millennials become tomorrow’s old-timers, what legacy will we leave? What exactly defines a millennial?

You can also get to know the girls by checking them out through the following sources:

Website: www.millennialmondays.com

Instagram: Millennial.Mondays

Apple iTunes: millennial Mondays

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